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Video Transcript:

Hey guys, it’s Jamie from MediaPoint here and I’m one of the founders at MediaPoint. The reason for this video is I want to talk to you a little bit about bumper stickers. Bumper stickers are a great product for customers, something we’re always getting asked about from our trade clients and customers are needing them for an event, exhibition or just have them for display. What we consider a bumper sticker is any rectangular or square sticker that is supplied individually. Now we’re finishing, it’s just a pure sticker without shape and there’s not any cut or anything on there.

The thing about this is to peel this you just need to get a corner off. Bumper stickers are not considered bumper to us if they have rounded corners or anything like that, so please keep this in mind. With bumper stickers we do have a limitation. The minimum, any dimension on this, the width or the height needs to be is 50 mil as our cutting tables can’t actually cut anything less than this. It has to be a minimum of that. We also can’t do 50 by 50 mil stickers. You have to have an edge that’s 100 by 50 or something along that, so we can actually register it, but you can’t have it, we recommend at least having, some at 60 by 60 or 100 by 50 just to give us that width.

If you’re unsure just flip us an email and we’ll be able to help you out if that size is not doable. With this stocks that use as well, we use Ivana stock. The reason being is ultra-durable. We have a glass vinyl, a mat removable vinyl, a gloss block out vinyl if you’re covering anything up and we also have a clear vinyl. Clear vinyl has translucent ink so if you stick it to dark backgrounds it won’t be visible, the actual ink. We can put a white ink layer behind to make it solid or we could also have white ink as well.

If you are printing on clear be very specific on what you’re needing, so if you’re needing no white ink also let us know that. What we also find, is because we use latex inks, our inks are over two years outdoors un-laminated. You can get lamination to extend the ink life but two years seems to be ample. We’ve had stickers out there for longer, depending on the sunlight and how these are washed and they last a lot longer than that as well. You can’t clean the actual stickers un-laminated with chemicals or else ink will come off so be wary of that.

If your customer is using it for instance, make sure you do ask for lamination, which is an additional cost. This is a product we do have in our price list, however if you do need custom pricing, please put custom dimensions. I also encourage you if you’re a new customer or even existing customer, to book in a 15 minute chat with me. The reason being is, I can now get a feel of your needs and where your business is at. I know a lot about our trade clients. You need to build trust or have individual needs indicated for such as health pack, how to send stuff out or being custom pricing based on the way they use their product or sell their product.

I encourage you to book this on and I’d love to chat to you. Thanks for listening in. We have a whole heap of content coming through so keep an eye out for it and I hope we connect in the future.