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If you are after digitally printed stickers australia, we are specialists for this market due to a few main reasons. Recently we did a custom job for Shapers Australia which showcases this. Shapers Australia is a leading supplier of surfboard fins, shaping and supplies.

Regularly they have a need for custom stickers to identify and label their goods for sale. They look for custom sizing as well as having a whole heap of artwork variations as well as pretty fast turnaround times.


The reasons why we are a great choice for Stickers Australia is that:

  • We price based on how many meters are printed. What this means is if you have different artwork variations, sizes and shapes we combine this into one order and give you the biggest possible discount. This gives you the biggest possible savings on these types of jobs.
  • We cut with a digital cutting machine so there are no die’s and plates. This means we can cut any job on demand. So there is no waiting around for extra die’s to be made and paying extra unnecessary setup fee’s.
  • We print digitally. What this means to you is that it does not matter how many colours or photos you need printed, it does not affect the pricing. This leads to massive cost savings as you are not paying by the colour.
  • We print stickers on sheets and individually on a durable waterproof vinyl stock. Our ink outdoors is also rated for 2 years unlaminated. So it does not need lamination unless you need extra protection from chemicals or heavy abrasion.
  • Our turnaround times are pretty fast at 2-3 business days for orders under $1300. So you can get your product stickers fast and on to your products.

Our ordering process is nice and easy. All you have to do is email or if you need to read up more check out our stickers australia page.

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