Benefits of 1.4mm Polypropylene Over Corflute

Claw-Flute Boards

Hey guys, it’s Jamie here. I’m just going to talk to you guys a bit about claw-flute boards. For people that don’t know claw-flute is a really massive mover, especially with trainees or anyone looking to do outdoor advertising or even some short term indoor advertising. I have got a claw-flute board here. If you haven’t seen the product claw-flute has some ridges running through it, I don’t know if you can see it in the video, so there’s lines in your print. Some customers don’t mind this, however some really do- they like the nice flat finish. With claw-flute the reason why there are ridges in there, it helps some customers run stakes through the claw flute boards. They like the strength running vertically, some like the strength of it running horizontally as well; however, some customers just want something that’s more durable flat and smooth.

We found a new product which is 1.4 mil polypropylene which is this stalk here. It’s made out of the same material as claw-flute. Whereas claw-flute has a little more expand and has ridges to make it a bit more rigid and strong, whereas this is just the material packed in. So this claw-flute sample I have here is just a polypropylene we also carry 3 this poly polypropylene is 1.4 mil thin, that’s a lot thinner, however its more durable and heavier. The only other weakness is that it’s not as rigid as claw-flute and it’s heavier for putting it on your fence, it’s good for hanging however if you want it to be rigid between two posts it’s probably not going to work as it will bend a fair bit as you can see here. However we’ve seen a lot of customers move toward this stock.

We also find there’s a good bridge between claw-flute and concept panel for customers that don’t know concept panel is a metal like substrate with two sheets of aluminum with a bit of plastic in the middle. Typically when you’re printing you’ll normally print on a side which is thicker, laminate it and mount it to concept panel which you get a 5 year life out of. We don’t do that here, however we do flatbed print, and what we find is that the ink is good for 2 to 3 years outdoors, however the board’s going to last a lot longer with the inks that we’re using.

What we’re trying to do is steer customers to a substrate like this which is a cross between claw-flute and concept-panel durability wise but because of our print we’re still going to get the life out of the ink. We find that this stock here is usually half or a third of the price of the concept panel and it’s a lot easier to cut and the shape rises a lot less. This is a great little product and if you have any questions about it shoot me an email and I’ll be able to help you out a little bit more, but it’s a great concept panel for anyone who’s looking for a little bit more durable outdoors. Also this stock, because it’s so strong, also probably have an auction for this, however we’ve been cutting holes in these substrates and they’re not tearing unlike copper which is why the lids in there, so it’s a great little product.

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