An Introduction – MediaPoint

An Introduction - MediaPoint

Video Transcript:

Thanks for downloading our Trade Pricing pdf, my name is Jamie and I’m one of the owners at Mediapoint. So if you’ve got any questions please direct them at me, I’ll be able to help you out personally.

So, in regards to us working with printers and graphic designers, as you may or may not know, Mediapoint is a trade only business. What that means is we only work with entails of our product, we won’t work with end users of our product.

We don’t want to touch design, we don’t want liaise the customers on that end. We just want to be able to get the work in, pump it up to a really high standard, get it out on time. You know, asking you enough margin and making you guys look good on entailing our product, because of that we are trade only which all of our customers love. And we won’t step on your toes. We won’t ever poach your customers because of this. But by not touching retail at all, there is no risk or anyway around.

Next thing I want to talk about is our packaging. So the biggest seller of what we find for a lot our customers, in our pricing list is great and everything. What we tend to do with a lot of shipped out orders, is we actually make our own custom packaging. What we call custom packaging, is actually packing styrene around an order, and also making a custom box around the packaging. The reason for this is if you just bulk wrap the item, or make a box the size, what you find is you risk with 20 kilos for example, you can hit them very easily. The corners can be hit and it will damage your order. We want to avoid this and what we’ve found is our packaging method has cut this down severely. The only times when we get into issues with our stuff get shipped all across Australia, and it gets run over, which only happens about once out of a thousand orders.

The next benefit of using us is turnaround times. As you can see from our pricing PDF, we’ve got some items that if you order by eleven AM, you’ll be able to receive that by next business day. The other reason to use us and about turnaround times, is that most of our products are offered at a forty eight business hour turnaround time, which you can see in our PDF. If you order by three PM, you’ll get that in two business days. We’ve also got certain products, and the max they would take is three business days. If anything is going to take a little bit longer, we’ll let you know but it will be on massive runs. That is stock standard with us. We’ve got quick turnaround times. You won’t be waiting at a week for stuff to get dispatched. That’s not how we operate.

Another benefit of using us is we are pretty small. We are a small team. What that means is that we can adapt to what you need. What I’ve found with a lot of my customers, is by actually liaising with them and seeing what they need those individual products and pricing that they need to sell to their customers and we’re happy to work with you in regards to getting that. If you’ve got a specific niche or type of market that you’re targeting, I’m definitely happy to speak to you and help you solve them. Thanks for listening into this video, if you’ve got any questions, please feel free to drop us an email to or give us a call and just ask for me. Thanks.